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Fraud Awareness

Physical attacks are decreasing and cyber attacks are increasing.  It is important we work to avoid fraudulent activity.  While institutions make every effort to protect you, it is also the responsibility of the customer to play a role in protecting your information.

How do you help prevent it?

  • Physical Protection
  • Electronic Protection
  • Network Security
  • Domain or User security
  • Proper protection software
    • Malware Protection
    • Antivirus
  • Updates
    • Everything
      • Network devices
      • Operating systems
      • Software
  • User
    • Protect your information
    • Lock it down
    • Monitor
  • Training is critical.
  • If you don’t know don’t click it.
  • Prevent the use of USB or other storage devices or hardware from being introduced into your systems unless needed.
  • Pay attention for proper URL’s https: “the S stands for secure.
  • Don’t answer the Facebook questionnaire asking what your first car is and when you met you spouse.
  • Do not provide information to anyone unless it is a trusted or verified source.

If you experience fraudulent activity on your FBT Bank and Mortgage account please contact us immediately at 870-352-3107.