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Personal Banking Products

Our personal banking products contain a variety of features to help you make your money work harder.

At FBT Bank & Mortgage, our personal banking products include a variety of benefits and features that offer simple solutions to your personal banking needs. From unlimited bill pay, to free credit monitoring to P2P transactions, our products will help you simplify your life, our checking and savings products offer the benefits you need to simplify your life. Our Simple Solutions suite of personal banking products include:


FBT Bank & Mortgage knows you work hard for your money. Simplify how you manage it. Our checking accounts offer a wide range of benefits, and there’s one that fits your life—no matter what stage you’re in. From free checking accounts, to accounts that offer unlimited bill pay and free credit monitoring for a minimal fee, we have the right checking account for you. Learn More >

Simple Checking

Simple Checking brings you the flexibility you want in managing your everyday expenses. Simple Checking features no monthly service charge, no minimum balance requirements, unlimited check-writing and unlimited deposits. Learn More >

Simple Advantage

Simply get more for less. Get all of these great benefits for only $8 a month. Learn More >

Simple Advantage Sr.

Are you 55 years of age or older? FBT Bank & Mortgage has a value for you! Get all the benefits of the Simple Advantage Account for only $4 a month—half the fee of our Simple Advantage account — if you are a customer age 55+. Learn More >

Simple Student Checking

Give your teen the head start to learning the basics of money management. For a deposit of just $25, you can open our Simple Student Checking account. Simple Student Checking helps by limiting access to funds through debit card and ACH deposits/withdrawals only. Learn More >

Savings and Investment

Savings Accounts

Savings is the start to putting your money to work for you. Let us help you find a simpler way to save and pay yourself for working hard! Earn interest and get convenient access to your funds. Learn More >

Simple Savings

Earn interest on funds until you need them in a Simple Savings account. Receive interest payments and statements quarterly. This account allows you to tuck away some funds for those unexpected expenses. A minimum balance is required to avoid a service charge. Learn More >


Simple Plus Savings

Maintaining a bigger balance and earning more interest has never been easier.

With the Simple Plus savings account the higher your account balance, the more interest you earn. Simple Savings offers rate increases at balances of $2,500, $10,000, $25,000 and $50,000. A minimum balance is required to avoid a service charge. Learn More >

Savings Clubs

Cotton Belt Riders Club

Getting a head start on teaching your child the importance of saving. Our Cotton Belt Riders Club  account is for children under the age of 13, and has no minimum balance and no service charge. Learn More >

Christmas Club

Don’t spend the holidays worried about your Christmas expenses. Get a simple and early start to funding your Christmas shopping this year! Open a Christmas Club account with as little as $5.00. Learn More >

Round UP Savings

There’s a simple way to add money to your savings account. Our Round Up Savings feature. Learn More >



Take the guesswork out of your return with our Simple CD. Save money and earn a market rate with a certificate of deposit (CDs) from FBT Bank & Mortgage. Learn More >


Enjoy your retirement. Plan ahead with our Simple Freedom Retirement options. Learn More >


At FBT Bank & Mortgage, it’s important that we’re the financial partner our customers need to realize their dreams. Whether it’s buying a home, a new car, or sending your kids to college, our team of expert lenders are here to simplify the process of getting the financing you need for whatever you need at competitive rates.  Learn More >

Simply Home Mortgage Loans

Let us finance your dream of home ownership with a Simply Home Mortgage Loans. Learn More >

Home Improvement Loans

Simple Fix Home Improvement Loan

Does your house not quite feel like home anymore? Make it sweet again with the FBT Bank & Mortgage Simple Fix Home Improvement Loan! Learn More >

Auto, Boat and RV Loans

Drive Simply Loans

Whether you’re traveling over the road, or across the water, getting to your destination is all about the journey. Our Drive Simply loans can help you get there worry-free and in style. Learn More >